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  • A Moon friendly habitat

    Earth from Moon

    Danish architecture firm SAGA has designed a prototype for a moon-friendly habitat with an origami-inspired design. It’s a lightweight and strong structure that can unfold and expand up to 750 times its original size. Before actually launching the structure to the moon, the danish duo visited northern greenland to trial this project dubbed ‘lunark’ and […]

  • SpaceX’s ready for its first trip into space

    Visit Moon Missions

    Share SpaceX’s Starship is ready for its first trip into space on LinkedInThis article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink, and is an installment of Future Explored, a weekly guide to world-changing technology. You can get stories like this one straight to your inbox every Thursday morning by subscribing here. The largest spacecraft […]


    a new era in space tourism Let’s face it, since 1969 that man wants to go back to walking on the moon, the 2000s and the birth of new large global companies has allowed us to return to hope, or rather, to wait for the next imminent news of a space tourist trip. , because […]